All manner of windows setups are catered for. For example:

          •    If you've just bought a new computer and want it setup correctly

          •    Need advise on how to keep your computer safe online

          •    Syncing of data between multiple devices

          •    Setup of content filters for younger computer users

          •    Data transfer from an old PC to a new one

          •    All types of peripheral setup e.g. Wired / Wireless Printer, Tablet, Mobile Phone, iPod, etc.

          •    Broadband & Home Nework Setup


I repair any and every windows problem. No problem is too big or too small. For example:

          •    Virus & spyware removal

          •    Software troubleshooting

          •    Hardware troubleshooting & replacement if necessary

          •    Computer startup failure

          •    Data Recovery - Even if your computer won't turn on in most cases data recovery is still possible

          •    Screen replacement

          •    Keyboard replacement


          •    General System Maintenance (If your computer has become sluggish this is for you!)

As operating systems advance your hardware can become out of date. I perform all manner of hardware upgrades. For example:

          •    SSD Upgrade - Before buing a new PC consider this as it can greatly improve an older laptop!

          •    RAM Upgrade

          •    Graphic Card Upgrades

          •    Computer Software Upgrades